With an area of about 3,200 Km² the Gulf of Fonseca is shared by Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
The group of volcanic islands in the Gulf is a fun trip. If you like the Ocean, sand, sun, boat rides, tranquility and nature. With views to deserted sandy beaches (some we’ll visit), sharp cliffs with caves formed by old lava ducts.
We take a boat at La Unión and ride among the islands. With a little luck we’ll able to watch some marine wildlife such as sea turtles or humpback whales. Watch the always present traditional fishermen on their boats.

Some of the highlights in Gulf of Fonseca are: Zacatlillo Island on a short boat ride from La Unión. With just 4 Km² on this island we’ll land on La Playona, a small sandy bay with warm waters and the most gentle surf. On high tide it barely splashes your toes. Perfect for a swim or just sunbathing. Just a piece of paradise.

Here you can enjoy the magnificent view to the volcanic island of Amapala while you walk on the beach or have a cold drink while swinging on a hammock. Meals available here or Meanguera.

The Pacific coast of the continent is a subduction zone and the reason so many volcanoes line up  along the coastline from North to South. In the Gulf of Fonseca we find some of those volcanoes: Cosigüina is Nicaragua’s Easternmost tip. Besides the islands Amapala (Honduras only volcano), Conchagüita, Meanguera and Conchagua in Salvadoran territory. All of them can be seen on the boat ride.

Highlight: a hike or camping on Conchagua volcano. From the top you have a complete view of the Gulf, the islands, the neighbor countries and the Pacific Ocean (available upon request).

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