“Where the wind whispers stories”.

The small mountain town of Perquín is home to the Museo de la Revolución Salvadoreña. Here a former guerrilla fighter turned into Museum Guide will tell you the story from the perspective of guerrilla army. With exhibits of weapons, war trophies, important documents, photos and political propaganda posters used during the conflict. There is also a recreation of the clandestine Radio Venceremos transmission studio with some of the original equipment displayed.

Morazán province is one of the most interesting and culturally rich regions in El Salvador. In the 80’s it was the scene of some of the most brutal fighting between the guerrilla forces and Salvadoran Army. Perquín was once considered “The Guerrilla’s Capital of El Salvador”.
Today this province offers the world a glimpse into the past with the Museum of Revolution. Also the Memorial remembering the victims from the village of El Mozote.

On our way will visit Guatajiagua, home of the ancient times traditional black-clay pottery and see its manufacturing in some available workshop.

El Mozote is a small village that has become a destination for those wanting to honor the victims of one of the most brutal atrocities of the civil war. Back in December of 1981 it is documented that hundreds of men, women and children from El Mozote and surrounding villages were massacred over 3 days at the hand of government soldiers. For a complete account of the incident read Mark Danner’s The Massacre at El Mozote.

This tour may be done in one day. The two days tour also includes: the refreshing waters of Río Sapo, Jocoaitique village and El Perol waterfall at Llano El Muerto. Overnight at Hotel Perkín Lenca with breakfast included.

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