El Salvador is a great destination for kayaking enthusiasts, advanced or newbies: volcanic calderas, mangrove estuaries, rivers and wetlands are top on the list.
Enjoy the sun while sets on a line of volcanoes at Jiquilisco estuary or watch resident and migratory birds flocks at Suchitlán lake on one of the cleanest low impact ways of making tourism.
Pick your your destination: Coatepeque Lake, an ancient -still active- volcanic caldera; Suchitlán, the only man-made and largest lake in El Salvador; Jiquilisco bay and estuary, among the most important wetlands in the country: lush estuaries of mangrove with channels to explore or maybe La Barra de Santiago where is still common to spot some crocodile or a “machorra” fish, a living fossil or go down the flow on Lempa, the longest and most important river in El Salvador.

El Salvador has many different destinations for kayaking.

Depending on the season and destination the tour may include snacks and/or meals cooked fresh.
All services include sit-on-top kayaks, safety gear, drinks, binoculars, transportation from your hotel to the kayaking starting point.


  • Coatepeque lake.
  • Suchitlán lake.
  • Barra de Santiago.
  • Jiquilisco Bay RAMSAR wetland.
  • Lempa River from dam-to-dam or river to Pacific Ocean.
  • El Esterón mangrove swamp.