Guazapa is en extinct volcano located North in San Salvador province, few kilometers West from Suchitoto.

It was during El Salvador Civil War when this place became a war zone. During the 80s this was the only guerrillas battlefront where the five branches of the Rebel Army fought together. It was a common target for massive military operations from the National Army trying to siege this strategic stronghold.
Guazapa was known as “a dart in the ribs of the enemy” by the rebels. This because the rebel army held their positions during the whole war. This due the close distance from the Capital City, the most strategic target for the guerrillas.
Some of those fighters and their families still live and work their lands on the skirts of the former battle field.

Here you can hike through the woods and reach the guerrilla’s campsites and fox holes. Watch the tunnels carved in the ground once used as shelters from the air raids or underground hospitals and storage.
Pay homage to the fallen buried in clandestine cemeteries. And hear the stories from the people who lived and witnessed those trouble years.

This tours became a development opportunity for local communities and families reinserted to civil life after the Peace Agreements in 1992.

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