Hiking Santa Ana volcano, also known as Ilamatepec, is a top destination: it is the tallest volcano in El Salvador and one of the most active in the country with beautiful sights to the surrounding volcanoes, lake and valleys with diverse crops.
The massive crater is more than 2,380 meters high. The last eruption of this volcano was just few years ago. Today the volcano has five craters, one inside the other, and a depth of around 300 meters. From the rim you have a great sight to the sulfuric acid crater lake below.Along the trail you cross through different environments. From cloud forest to blank plains this volcano is habitat for hundreds of species of ild flora and fauna.
The hike to this volcano has a medium difficulty level. You can check data and details here

Izalco volcano is the youngest in El Salvador and considered one of the youngest in the world. It was almost continuously erupting for two centuries when in 1957 suddenly stopped. Due the constant activity it shaped an almost perfect volcanic cone of loose rock and ash making this volcano a favorite for hikers.
A rugged beauty where you’ll be able to actually feel the heat and steam jets emitting from this geological wonder. With an elevation of 1,950 meters above sea level this majestic sentinel has a diameter of 250 meters. The volcano still shows signs of activity and  because of that was once known as The Lighthouse of the Pacific by ancient sailors on their journey along Salvadoran coast line.
The hike to this volcano has a higher difficulty level due the steep terrain. You can check data here for more details about the walk.

Please note that hikes normally takes 4 hours, total. But there are some alternatives to make the walk shorter or longer. For more experienced hikers both volcanoes may be done in one day upon request. Camping and an early hike to watch sunset from the top may be done as well.

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