Hello there! This is Alfredo Avalos, Licensed Tourist Guide in El Salvador with an extensive travel experience. Therefore my love for tourism. And now with more than 13 years experience guiding tours and vast knowledge of the local tourist market. Specialized in tours and destinations that are carefully designed to meet the highest expectations of the modern traveler.

Why hiring an independent tour guide and not a tour company? Well, it supports individual initiatives, you skip the middle man and it means better prices for you. You assure you’re dealing with someone that knows about timings, road conditions and the real deal out there.

My mission is to compete in the growing tourism market of El Salvador, with an emphasis on these important points:

– Provide interesting, informative and up to date information.
– Offer the best value for money.
– Always start a tour on time.
– Provide clean, well maintained vehicles with responsible, courteous drivers.
– And above all flexibility, service and safety.