The walk to Izalco, one of youngest volcanoes in the world starts from Cerro Verde’s Visitors Centre. Half the walk -first and last sections- you go in the shady cloud forest. Then comes Izalco, with no vegetation at all. The whole trek is steep (very steep before reaching top), mixed with steps carved on the dirt to lose rocky ground.

Once on top of Izalco -on a clear day- you can watch the Pacific Ocean, San Salvador volcano, the mountain range between El Salvador and Honduras and volcanoes as far as Guatemal. There are some steam fumes as a reminder this is young fella is not even dormant, just relaxed.

Since Cerro Verde is an extinct volcano at the end of this hike you walked two volcanoes in one day.

Difficulty: Hard

Walking Time:

Distance: 7 Km

Top Elevation: 2,000 Meters Above Sea Level

Check map and more data here.