Sometimes long layovers may be a waste of time, specially in airports where food, drink and even Internet services may be expensive and with few good options for killing time between flights. El Salvador International Airport is not exception.

Due its location short trips and tours from the airport are possible as the best way to spend some hours doing fun things such hikes, beach day, craft beer tasting or exploring the city, its museums and archeological sites.

Many of the options and destinations below are also suitable for children.

All routes and destinations have been tested to fit in most of layovers time window.


A must-do if you have just few hours between connections. San Salvador is the largest metropolitan area and the most important social, historical, economical and cultural center of the country. Depending on your layover time we visit city’s old downtown, Main Square, historical buildings such as El Rosario church and Metropolitan Cathedral, sites related with the life of Archbishop Óscar Romero or San Salvador volcano.

Distance from airport (one way): 45 Km.

San Salvador has museums and art galleries for every taste and interest. Choose among the Arts Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, Museum of the Word and Picture, Museum of Popular Arts (handcraft workshop available upon request), the Children’s Museum, Forma Museum, Centro Monseñor Romero, the Numismatic Museum, Centro Cultural Pablo Tesak (archaeology workshop for children available upon request), Fernando Llort’s Gallery, San Salvador Botanical Garden, National Palace, National Theatre and the National Gallery and the Salvadoran Railroad Museum.

Distance from airport (one way): 45 Km on average. Some museums may be located on the outskirts or suburbs of the city.

The legend made into beer is the motto of the first micro brewery of El Salvador, since 2012.

Located in the heart of San Salvador, Cadejo brews many different styles of craft beer: from Irish Stout to IPA and Honey Blonde beers, besides the seasonal ones made with local and exotic ingredients and recipes. Definitely a must see taste!
Visits to the plant upon company’s schedule.

And of course your tour includes a sampler of 6 assorted styles of your selection*.

Cheers 🍻

*not for under 18 year-old

Drink responsibly



From traditional handcraft markets to designer’s clothes San Salvador is great for shopping. Choose among Cuscatlán public market, the National Handcraft Market, exclusive shopping centers and malls, art galleries or haute-coture.

Distance from airport (one way): 50 Km.

Portrait of smiling young couple receiving massage at spa

Indulge yourself in between flights, you know you deserve it. In San Salvador you find luxury spas, relaxing massages, yoga sessions and services to make you fell like new.

Distance from airport (one way): 45 Km.

Traveling with kids? No problemo! I know sometimes have your children amused may be tricky. I have excellent options for the whole family and the youngsters.
Let them have fun at Tin Marín, the children’s museum. So fun even grown ups enjoy it. Or take them for a short hike to Ecoparque El Espino or a visit to El Boquerón National Park at San Salvador Volcano.
Upon request a handcraft or archeological workshops may be arranged.
The beach, arcades or bike rides also available.

Distance from airport (one way): 45 Km, about 40 minutes drive.


Enjoy the warm Pacific Ocean waters, with black-sanded volcanic beaches and spend your time tasting the local cuisine and the freshest seafood, or ride the waves at some of the best beaches in the world for surfing. We can also make a stop at the colorful and busy fish market of El Puerto.

Distance from airport (one way): 50 Km.

One of the nicest beaches in El Salvador, among the Pacific Ocean and Jaltepeque estuary. With clear sands, good food, wild nature, water sports and more… and close to the airport!

Here you can choose spending your time in a beach resort or in a  full-equipped condo with amenities such as swimming pool, beach access or meals and drinks. For the nature lovers a trip on kayak through the mangroves is always possible.

Distance from airport (one way): 40 Km.

Ready for a quickie? Just jump off the plane with your shorts and sandals.

San Salvador airport is on a short distance from some of the best breaks in the world such as El Sunzal and Punta Roca. Nearby spots as El Tunco, El Palmarcito and El Zonte also possible as well surfboard rental and local instructors always avaliable.
Check surfreport and ride on.

Distance from airport (one way): 50 Km.


Las Cascadas de Tamanique is a series of waterfalls -from few meters to more than forty meters high- along El Sunzal river, up in El Bálsamo mountain range.
It is a short walk among cornfields and forest to reach the river and the first pond. Here you can jump into the cool waters and recover your breath before the next one with more than 20 meteres high.
If you’re brave enough (and conditions allow it) you can reach the highest of them all after a challengin hike (and climb) in the gore.
Don’t forget your swim suit and towel.

El Salvador has 23 volcanoes. Some of the make a terrific hike. El Boquerón is the second widest crater in the country and the walk around its rim is a great and pleasant hike, on the Westernmost limit  from San Salvador.
Other hikes at Ecoparque El Espino, on the slopes of the volcano, also available.

Distance from airport (one way): 58 Km.

Walk length: 7 Km.

Check detailed data of the walk here

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This is a coastal forest and National Park with a good circuit of trails for hiking, lookouts, natural geological formations, caves, rapel and a fun circuit of high-ropes and buggy rides in the woods. Great for birders, families and nature lovers. From here there’s a short drive to La Libertad beaches, good restaurants, the fish market and surfing spots.

Distance from airport (one way): 28 Km.

Walk length: from 2 to 10 Km.


Note: passenger of some nationalities may be subject to pay a Tourism Card and/or other airport taxes. Please check with your airline.