El Salvador is a land of volcanoes and mountain ranges.
Hike the highest peak (El Pital, 2,730 MASL) and the highest volcano (Santa Ana, 2,480 MASL).
Walk throug tropical and cloud forests, former battle fields, coffee plantations, pristine rivers and waterfalls and a spectacular volcanic landscape.
This circuit has been carefully scouted and tested and includes trekking on the highest peaks and volcanoes of El Salvador, as well some of the most important National Parks, amazing landscapes, mix of environments, rich natural, social and historical contexts and, most important, an always present contact with local people, either as your local expert, Park Ranger or a walking by peasent.
As a Certified Guide and enthusiast of the Great Outdoors, I have a lot of experience leading trekking and hiking trips. I know all the routes very well and I have a network of local supliers that guarantee you a smooth schedule.
Click on the link below to know more details of trekking destinations, routes and program or send me a message if you have any particular inquire.

Trekking El Salvador

NOTE: every destination of the itinerary may be taken individually as day-trip departing from San Salvador.