On a glimpse

Distance walked: 6.6 Km / 4.1 Mi
Duration (actual walking time): ~ 2h 30m
Ascent – Descent: 170 – 176 m / 558 – 577 ft
Elevation at start: 1,815 m / 5,955 ft
Top elevation: 1,890 m / 6,200 ft

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Environment: Cloud forest, evergreen trees, mid-sized bushes.
Trail mostly shaded. Flat to moderate slopes. Some scrambling in few sections.
Highlight: El Boquerón National Park is very close from San Salvador. This is a perfect option if you’re looking for an easy and short hike.


The 2nd widest crater of any volcano in El Salvador. It is 1.5 Km / 0.93 Mi wide and 500 m / 1,640 ft deep with a conic cinder on the center formed during the last eruption.
The hike starts at El Boquerón National Park. A well marked trail with some natural ups and downs in most of the walk. Views to the volcanic belt, fertile valleys, young solidified lava flows and the capital city on clear days. Scrambling in few and short sections. We make a whole loop around the rim of the crater. In some sections we walk very close to the edge (note if you have vertigo).

Mix and Match

Wanting to explore more? No problema amigo! Pick one of the options below to make your experience more memorable.

  • El Tunco beach is on a short distance. You can mix mountain and beach in one day. Surfing lessons or practice available on request.
  • Feeling thirsty after the hike? Enjoy your lunch and taste authentic Salvadoran craft beer at Cadejo. Here you can choose among many styles. And, yes, they serve samplers.
  • San Salvador city is guarded by this magnificent volcano. Learn the history and the stories that build this city up and the people who made it in a City Tour.
  • The people of El Salvador has been living in the shade of active volcanoes for centuries. In Joya de Cerén you’ll know how was a common day on the life of a group of farmers during the Classic Period of the maya, that were surprised by an eruption, preserving their village under volcanic ash for 1,400 years. Complete your day with San Andrés Archaeological Park

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