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The services and web site are run by myself, Alfredo, supported by suppliers and/or third parties if necessary.

About my services:


  1. Every single destination and attraction has been personally scouted by me. I can guarantee you I know the best and safest roads as well alternative routes.

  2. All tours include private ground transportation. Depending on the number of passengers I might drive or hire a driver and larger or smaller vehicles may be used. If you have any special requirement please tell.

  3. Vehicles are in good mechanicals conditions, with A/C, tools and safety items.

  4. My providers of services are reliable. Even though I can not take responsibility by their internal quality controls, accuracy, punctuality, losses, delays, closure, change of policies, etc.

  5. Safety first! Every passenger is responsible for their own decisions. I would never expose you (or myself) to any unnecessary risk or danger. I reserve the right to reject, interrupt, cancel or change any schedule, program or route, in any moment if I consider may be a risk or danger for anyone or anything with no further responsibility from me.

  6. All activities have been tested and proven to be safe. However every person must know and be responsible about their skills, shape, physical and/or medical conditions. Any accident, injury, loss, delay or affection during activities provided by third parties is out my responsibility.

  7. Every passenger must bring all their personal needs and items (such as adequate footwear, clothing, weather protection, medications, drinks, meals, etc.). Change of schedules, routes, destinations or unexpected stops may be charged extra.

  8. To make your tour easier entrance and parking fees, local guides/instructor and/or staff allowances are covered in the final price. However any extra activity, service and/or product may have extra cost. I’ll provide you all needed information.

  9. In some cases third parties staff may be hired (such as local guides, instructors, etc.). Their fees are always covered in the final price we agree on. In many cases they are volunteers, members of local communities and/or cooperatives, self trained guides, etc.

  10. However any voluntary tip will be always appreciated and welcome. It helps them support their home economy.

  11. On every tour I provide a bottle of water for each passenger. Meals are not provided but I’ll gladly recommend you a place to eat according your taste, time and budget. If due destination/program doesn’t allow us to stop in a restaurant a snack will be provided.

Bilingual (Spanish/English) Guidance

  1. I’m licensed as Guía Turístico Nacional (National Tour Guide) by the Ministerio de Turismo de El Salvador and the Corporación Salvadoreña de Turismo (the official tourism board and authority) in January, 2015.

  2. I was certified by Academia Europea in my proficiency in English language as intermediate/advance level (88.75%) in July, 2011.

  3. I have a wide knowledge of local history, traditions, flora, fauna, gastronomy, etc. but there might be some times local experts (such as guides, park rangers, etc.) may be needed to reinforce information.

  4. I’m an enthusiast on photography, archeology, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and any outdoor activity.

  5. If you have your own vehicle and need nothing but a local expert I’m your man.

Bilingual driver

  1. Driver service fees me be arranged by hour or days.


  1. Car rental (with or without driver), shuttle, taxi or ferry boat are provided by third parties.

  2. Fees and vehicles upon availability.

  3. Some taxes, insurance or advance payment may apply.

  4. Some documents may be required and/or requested.

Hotel Reservations

  1. Hotel reservations made be made. Although every hotel may have certain or different booking policies.

  2. All lodging services are provided by third parties.

  3. It is responsibility of the third party supplier to guarantee accuracy in the description of other services and/or products.

  4. I take no responsibility for quality controls, accuracy, punctuality, losses, delays, closure, change of policies, damage, injury, etc. during or before your staying.

Travel Assistance

  1. I’ll be glad to share any information you require and I can provide. Things change, business may close down, move, change owners, etc. I don’t guarantee 100% accuracy on the information, quality, price, value or any factor out my control

  2. I don’t endorse or support any particular business.

  3. I don’t run or own any business mentioned in this site but myself as Tour Guide. No one is authorized to negotiate, publish, deal, print, advertise on my behalf.

  4. I don’t work based on commissions. Any place I may recommend is because I’m convinced is worthy. If I consider the place/product/service/supplier is not worthy I wouldn’t recommend it.

  5. Third parties websites and links may be posted in this website. Those are REFERENCES ONLY. I can’t guarantee accuracy of their content.

  6. I take no responsibility for the use, abuse, posts, comments, images, copy rights or any other content in the websites posted in this.

  7. Any travel assistance is a personal effort to help and inform any person wanting to visit El Salvador. No charges or money will be asked for it. It’s based on trust. No strings attached at all.


  1. By using this website and booking my services you warrant the information you supplied is accurate, true, current and complete.

  2. It’s prohibited to use, copy, modify, print, post or share this website or it’s content (images, sounds, graphics, videos or texts) for any illegal, prohibited or commercial purpose. ALL IMAGES AND PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHT. Feel free share any content with due credits.

  3. I take no responsibility for any cancelation, delay, loss, change of routes, change of itinerary, change of vehicle, damage for any reason out of my control such as traffic, road, weather or safety conditions.

  4. All Terms & Conditions are subject to change without any responsibility from me.

  5. By using this website and booking my services you accept all Terms & Conditions above.