Every destination has been selected based on my experience on the field and taking in count opinions, comments and reviews from people like you.  As well aspects as convenience, supplementary services, safety, etc.
All places have been explored, tested and tasted to assure they achieve the standards and quality you expect.

I divided the different destinations in three major categories:


Specially oriented for those who’d like to be in touch with natural environments, explore national parks, hike active volcanoes, get into the wild or just “switch tape”.

If you want to know the heritage of our country. Where Salvadorans come from? What made us Salvadorans? This small country is rich in history, culture, tradition and folklore.

Dark volcanic beaches, warm sunny weather (most of the time), great cuisine, relaxing hot springs pools or the excitement of surfing some of the best waves on the Pacific. You name it.

Distances are generally short and most of the roads in between destinations are in good shape so it’s easy to mix activities.
Would you like to hike the tallest volcano in the country and party at the beach that same night? No problem! The next morning you can always do some early surfing and visit an archaeological site on the afternoon, do waterfall jumping or explore San Salvador city.
Always in the safest way, with clear and accurate information, flexibility and, most important, personal attention.

Come on, join me and let’s Explore El Salvador ????????

If you’re interested in any particular destination, activity, place or event feel free to inquire. I’ll be glad to help you.

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